Spotted Owls

Spotted Owls
adapted from my photo of 2008

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Passionate Birder

Yesterday I submitted my manuscript (running title: Passionate Birder: One Woman's Big Year) to Texas A&M University Press, since they have accepted it for publication. The next step is apparently for them to copy-edit it, and meanwhile for me to gather information for them to use in the publishing process, such as information about me, information about places and people that might be useful in publicizing the book, etc. This whole process is very lengthy, but so exciting! The EARLIEST that my book will be out is March 2011!! Of course mine is just one in their stable of books to be published and I must get in line like everyone else. I really don't know all the things that need to be done betweeen now and then, but I'm sure I'll find out. I plan to post regularly here on what (if anything) is happening. Stay tuned.
(PS. And of course if you know people that might be interested in this book, or places that might be good to try to sell it, please let me know - email:

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