Spotted Owls

Spotted Owls
adapted from my photo of 2008

Sunday, February 14, 2010

"Backyard" birding

I've been participating in the Great Backyard Bird Count, with the "backyard" pretty loosely defined (a park, a roadside, etc.) since Friday. Yesterday I went to 5 different "backyards" in Fort Worth, the highlights being the Rufous Hummingbird in my real backyard, over a thousand each of American Robins and Cedar Waxwings in Foster Park, a Le Conte's Sparrow and Fox Sparrows at Longhorn Park (north Benbrook Lake), about 8 McCown's Longspurs in southwest Tarrant County (almost all the way to Parker County, along the road) and many Fox and Harris's Sparrows at Mustang Park on Benbrook Lake. Today I was time-limited to my real backyard by church activities, but tomorrow I'll try a few more places. It's a great excuse to have to go birding for a good cause.

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