Spotted Owls

Spotted Owls
adapted from my photo of 2008

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Laredo birding, etc.

After presenting my big year slide to San Antonio Audubon on Thursday (2/4), I drove part-way to Laredo, and the next day early was in Laredo looking for, and not finding, the Amazon Kingfisher. It's one of those birds that I waited (because I had no choice this time) too late to go for. My welcomed consolation prize was the female White-collared Seedeater. The kingfisher was last seen on 2/3, and may be gone. Today (2/6) I joined the Fort Worth Audubon birding in the park trip, with lots of Yellow-rumped Warblers, Ruby-crowned Kinglets, Cedar Waxwings and American Robins, but nothing noteworthy. In the late afternoon, I went out to take a few photos of Harris's Sparrows, which I'm hoping to use to do a painting of them.

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