Spotted Owls

Spotted Owls
adapted from my photo of 2008

Monday, January 31, 2011

Winter wonderland

It sounds like much of the US is a winter wonderland, or a winter nightmare (east coast). Here in South Dakota (which I'm about to leave and where I spent a long weekend) it's a wonderland, but very cold. Only an inch or so of snow last night, but the temperature is 0 degrees (like 32 degrees below freezing) in mid-morning and it's very windy with a wind chill of -27. It's forecast to be -19 degrees F tonight and -40 degrees wind chill, but I'll be in Fort Worth where it's forecast to be only at about freezing or a little below, and tomorrow possibly freezing rain and/or snow. At least in Fort Worth there's a good chance winter will be over before May.

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